About Us

Our Mission

JustCraft is dedicated to promoting locally made Thai products globally by connecting local artisans and entrepreneurs with a wider international audience.

About Us

JustCraft is dedicated to promoting locally made Thai products globally by connecting local artisans and entrepreneurs with a wider international audience. Either through B2B or B2C channels, JustCraft will maintain up-to-date information and facilitate transactions by offering various platforms of communications and sales. We will ensure that interested buyers searching our platform will find dynamic, accurate results, increasing traffic and potential sales to sellers listed in our marketplace. Our ultimate goal is to encourage businesses around the world to source raw materials and finished products from Thailand through our interface.

Benefits for sellers (listing on JustCraft):

By joining JustCraft, sellers will benefit from a modern e-marketplace without having to worry about managing software, design, or content, thereby, increasing their potential customer base and revenue:
● Direct access to potential customers: JustCraft will deploy cutting edge SEO and SEM strategies to ensure that sellers appear in targeted searches through Google, as well as within the marketplace platform.
● Budget-sensitive: Sellers can begin participating in JustCraft’s marketplace for free, investing in additional benefits as appropriate.
● Scalable platform: Sellers can start with simple marketplace listings and contact interface, then upgrade for marketplace mini-websites, social media support, and more.
● Outsourced technology working inhouse: JustCraft will take care of all the technology necessary to ensure sellers’ presence in the marketplace – there is no need to invest in additional equipment or services.
● Communication obstacles lowered: JustCraft will be conducted in English, but local language support will be available at different levels, ensuring that sellers can communicate with buyers to facilitate transactions.

Benefits for buyers (searching on JustCraft):

Buyers searching for specific products at competitive prices will find JustCraft a simple interface to search and navigate, encouraging return visits and interactions, facilitating business transactions between buyers and sellers in Thailand who may otherwise not have an online presence but who may have exactly what the buyer is trying to source.
● Comprehensive, vetted source: JustCraft draws from numerous sources to ensure that searching the marketplace will result in a list of potential vendors that fulfill buyer requirements.
● Current information: JustCraft proactively confirms every sellers’ information, ensuring that buyers will not waste time contacting wrong numbers or non-active businesses.
● Wider range of locally sourced products available: Buyers can access local Thai sources for specialized products as JustCraft’s algorithms ensure pertinent results, allowing buyers to more easily and efficiently compare specifications and pricing.
● Easy-to-use platform: Searching and filtering is easy on JustCraft. Once a possible product source is identified, buyers can interact with sellers through either a simple communications interface or proceed to make a purchase directly.

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